NTFA to investigate ‘reckless striking’ incident

A St Pats player will front the NTFA tribunal on Monday following an incident in last week’s division 2 senior match at Invermay Park.

The tribunal will investigate allegations that an Old Launcestonians player was struck during an off-the-ball incident in St Pats’ 47-point win.

A report was not made by an officiating umpire at the time and it is understood the Blues player required surgery, and therefore, has missed work in the aftermath.

The Examiner has chosen not to name the players involved until after Monday’s hearing. 

NTFA president Paul Reynolds said he could not comment on the nature of the investigation due to the potential of “other” action being taken.

“The matter referred to the tribunal as I understand it is reckless striking,” he said.

“There was not a report by an umpire because I don’t believe an umpire saw it, but an incident was raised with the NTFA.

“We did a preliminary investigation to determine the merits of the report and have referred it directly to the tribunal.

“We don’t like allegations or incidents of this nature because it does cause concern and anxiety, but that should never be an indicator that the matter has been proved or disproved.”

Evidence has been submitted to the NTFA, though it is unclear whether video evidence is included.

Both St Pats and Old Launcestonians declined to comment.