Launceston LINC holds STEM school holiday program

STORM: Millie and Kade Sather making a snowstorm in a jar for one of the experiments. Picture: Neil Richardson

STORM: Millie and Kade Sather making a snowstorm in a jar for one of the experiments. Picture: Neil Richardson

Stormy weather was spotted inside the Launceston LINC on Thursday afternoon. 

The library hosted a free school holidays event that introduced children to the science behind weather patterns with several experiments, including making faux snowstorms in jars.

Launceston LINC customer service officer Kylie Mallett ran the event for the estimated 15 children in attendance.

“We’re looking at weather patterns – tornadoes in a jar, thunderstorms, things like that – and we’re doing little science experiments to see those,” she said. “We’ve got budding scientists here who have come along to have a play around with some different materials and get to grips with some science.”

The Weather Science Lab was one of many free events the LINC will hold throughout the school holiday period, with a particular focus this year on STEM subjects relating to the weather.

Among the other events being held at the Launceston LINC over the school holiday period include Rain Gauge, Wonderful Weathervane and Seahorse World. 

Kellie Sather brought her two children, Millie and Kade, along to the event to learn more about the science behind weather patterns. 

Kade said science was his favourite subject at school.

“All the experiments and all the chemicals is what I like about science,” he said.

Mrs Sather praised the LINC’s holiday program for getting children excited about learning even when school is out.

“It helps that they both love science and they do a lot for school, but to be able to have a program we can come to in the holidays is amazing,” she said.

“We don’t go away very often on holidays and they just couldn't wait to get in here.” 

Ms Mallett said the LINC was a great place for children to spend their holidays.

“It is fantastic to bring people into the library, especially for the school holidays,” she said. 

“We like to do a lot of really creative things with our school holiday program and we’re just branching out into STEM this year.” 

For more information on the LINC’s school holiday program, call 6777 2446.