Shane Barker's family deserve justice

The death of Robert Barker was devastating to hear.

As a community we have watched and listened to the Barkers strive for answers on the murder of son and brother Shane.

Nine years ago Shane was shot dead in his Campbell Town home.

The killer has never been found.

Yesterday, family and friends farewelled another Barker. A man who was a much loved member of the community.

Robert died of a broken heart. This is the opinion of his son and Shane’s brother Paul.

He died not knowing why his son was taken from him.

He died without knowing the person who pulled the trigger and seeing justice in action.

Instead he spent the last nine years of his life seeking answers and trying to grieve for a son taken so cruelly from him and his wife Barbara.

Paul and the Barkers take solace in the fact that the father and son would be reunited in their deaths.

Not reported in Thursday’s story, was the Barkers feelings about the community reaction after the murder.

People had reason to fear.

A killer was on the loose.

Particularly in a small town like Campbell Town.

However, Paul said the support offered by the community was heartwarming.

“The community was wonderful. I still remember that day, people were bringing casseroles in for us,” he told The Examiner.

For many this response from the community isn’t a surprise.

The hospitality and comfort is a quality well known in Tasmanians.

But all the comfort and sympathy in the world won’t heal the family.

They need and deserve answers.

After nine years there would be piece of information, a comment made that didn’t seem right or odd behaviour that could be the missing link needed to solve this cold case.

Someone has to know something.

Justice isn’t solely the responsibility of the police or court system.

Every Tasmanian plays a part in public safety. We do this through not committing crimes or reporting crimes and/or suspicious behaviour.

Hopefully someone will come forward with information that help bring some peace to the Barkers.


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