Optus upgrading its Launceston mobile phone towers

Launceston’s Optus Mobile customers may be about to see improvements in their telephone coverage. 

Optus Mobile announced it would perform upgrades on its Launceston telecommunication facilities on Thursday. 

The telecommunications company will upgrade facilities at the Mowbray Racecourse, Launceston Golf Club at Kings Meadows and Myer in the CBD as a part of the works.

Plans have also been announced to provide upgrades to facilities located at Bicheno and Fingal. 

Metasite town planner, and sub-contractor for the project, Joel Stuart said the works would improve mobile coverage for Optus customers. 

“The upgrades involve work done through in-shelter works, so there’s no new antennas being installed or anything like that,” Mr Stuart said.

“Hopefully the upgrades will improve the services and increase capacity a bit more for the affected areas."

Mr Stuart said Optus’ efforts in improving its Northern Tasmanian mobile coverage was a part of a national push. 

“There’s always a growing amount of mobile users [in Launceston], but Optus is looking at improving its services to rural, semi-rural and metropolitan locations across Australia,” he said.

“The upgrades are a part of national works going on for hundreds of facilities.” 

Optus has deemed the works as “low-impact” under the federal Telecommunications Determination legislation of 2018.

For more information on the works, contact Metasite on 02 9439 1006.

Written submissions regarding the project are welcomed by Metasite and should be sent to PO Box 31, Crows Nest, NSW 1586 before July 26.