International participant wows Launceston Competition crowds

A 17-year-old tap dancer from New Zealand has impressed crowds at the Launceston Competitions.

Caleb Cameron was participating in in the national finals of the Follow Your Dreams dancing competition in Melbourne when he met some dancers from Launceston’s Bee Bop Dance Studio.

He said he got along with the group so well that he decided to come to Tasmania and give the Launceston Competitions a go. 

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Bee Bop,” he said.

His time in Launceston was a success, having placed first and second in three of his dances.


“I did speed dance first, and I got first place in that, then I did my slow dance, and I got first place in that, then I did my champ dance, and I got second in that,” Cameron said.

Cameron began dancing when he was seven, and started “getting serious” about two years ago.

He planned to continue to dance in the future, aiming to return to Melbourne to go to a dance school in the coming years.

Cameron said he had enjoyed his time dancing in Launceston.

“It’s very similar to where I’m from – Timaru on the South Island,” he said.

“It’s great, everyone is nice and friendly.”

  • The competition will continue Friday.