Tasmanian teacher and sports commentator Blair Brownless considers running for politics

Blair Brownless

Blair Brownless

The brother of Geelong Football Club great Billy Brownless is considering running for a seat in the Legislative Council.

Blair Brownless, 49, a teacher and radio sports commentator, may throw his hat in the ring for the southern seat of Nelson which will be vacated when Council President Jim Wilkinson retires next year.

“I’m thinking about it, but it’s early days,” Mr Brownless said. “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

Mr Brownless came to Tasmania in 1989 to play football for the Clarence Football Club.

He has had an extensive teaching career, as well as being Tasmanian manager of the Australian Sports Commission for eight years.

Jim Wilkinson MLC

Jim Wilkinson MLC

Mr Wilkinson, 66, was first elected to the Upper House in 1995 and became president in 2013.

“It is always difficult but I think it is time for a new member so I will step aside,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“I will miss being part of the electorate and the connection with people.”

He expects the seat to be hotly contested and hopes it is won by an independent.

“I think it is important it remain independent so the Upper House remains an unbiased, house of review,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“That is extremely important.”

Mr Wilkinson said he is unsure what he would do after he leaves politics.

As well as the electorate of Nelson, elections will be held for the seats of Montgomery and Pembroke.

Montgomery is held by the leader of government in the Legislative Council Leonie Hiscutt while Labor’s Jo Siejka was elected to Pembroke last year after the death of former Attorney-General Dr Vanessa Goodwin.