City of Launceston council welcome roundabout plans

State Growth’s decision to install a roundabout at the Mowbray Connector has been welcomed by the council and an MLC. 

Launceston independent MLC Ivan Dean said he was astonished at the change. 

“It’s great that they’ve listened to road users, but I thought they’d at least have the courtesy to let me know what was going on because I did a huge amount of work on this,” he said. 

Mr Dean said there was a “significant” cost difference involved in building a roundabout. 

“A roundabout needs a total whole restructure of the area, where as traffic lights don’t need that in-depth change,” he said.  

The City of Launceston council general manager Michael Stretton was pleased to see the department engaging on the matter. 

“The new proposal will hopefully allay some of the concerns previously raised by the public,” Mr Stretton said.

“This intersection has been a long-standing area of concern for motorists, and the City of Launceston is eager to see a solution which improves safety, and which has public support.”

The council has asked for a meeting with Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff regarding the plans for traffic lights. 

Opposition infrastructure spokesman David O’Byrne said infrastructure in Tasmania was a mess. 

“It’s being mismanaged, ignored or completely underdone. Many times across Tasmania it is all of these things,” he said.  

“We’re seeing, in Launceston, back flip after back flip. What we have is a government that is confused and is scrambling to make it up as they go along.”