Roundabout to be installed at Mowbray Connector

People power has resulted in the state government reversing its decision to install traffic lights at the Mowbray Connector. 

Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff said the Department of State Growth was developing plans for a roundabout following negative feedback. 

“While the department’s modelling found that traffic lights would better cater for longer-term traffic volume increases, it is clear there is not widespread support for the traffic light controlled design option for the intersection,” he said. 

“We have listened to the community’s concerns and we will act.”

The department announced its plans to install traffic lights at the intersection in June, but the decision was met with a wave of criticism. 


The Examiner surveyed more than 1700 people, with more than 90 per cent of respondents rejecting mooted plans to install traffic lights.

While a majority of people supported an overpass, former Road Safety Advisory Council chairman, minister and now alderman Jim Cox said the idea was utopian and that a roundabout was a more viable option. 

During budget estimates on June 28, Mr Rockliff said the traffic light plans were “the only solution on the table” and the “likely option”. 

The traffic light solution was expected to go to tender in August 2018, with the project completed in June 2019. 

However, a proposed time frame and cost for the new project was unknown.  

In the past five years there have been 27 crashes at the intersection.