Trees, snow cause road closures in North, North-West Tasmania

Fallen trees and heavy snowfall have caused road closures across Tasmania’s North and North-West on Monday. 

Tasmania Police is reporting the following roads were closed due to fallen trees;

  • West Kentish Road  West Kentish to Lake Barrington
  • Deep Creek Road, Wynyard
  • Beatties Road, Lapoinya
  • Spellmans Road, Wilmot
  • Careys Road, Sheffield
  • Lockwoods Road, West Kentish
  • Beulah Road, Beulah
  • Paradise Road, Paradise

A fallen tree blocked Meander Bridge on Sunday night. 

Gusty winds brought the tree and power lines down about 5pm, with residents and council staff working together to clear the road. 

More than 12 centimetres of snow fell at the Great Lake on Sunday

Police advised motorists travelling in the Central Highlands to proceed with caution due to the snow. 

The follow roads are closed due to snow;

  • Highland Lakes Road at Blackburn Creek to the intersection to Liffey/Golden Valley (Riversdale Road)
  • Tunbridge Teir Road at Interlaken
  • Poatina Road from Poatina Village to Highland Lakes Road
  • Lakes Secondary Road from Miena to Golden Valley
  • Raymond Road between Preston and Gunns Plains
  • Lawanna Road, Gunns Plains @ Marshalls Bridge
  • Gunns Plains Road at Caves
  • Wooringa Road, Preston
  • Etchells Road, Rianna
  • Spellmens Road, Castra

Police are also reporting Dove Lake Road, from the ranger’s station, and Belvoir Road, from the Murchison Highway to Cradle Mountain Road, can only be accessed by four-wheel-drives. 

The Lyell Highway at Mt Arrowsmith is open but motorists should proceed with caution due to “slushy” ice on the road. 

Icy conditions were expected to ease on Monday, with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting rain about the west, south and central areas, and fine elsewhere.  

For up-to-date information about road closures, visit the Community Alerts’ website.