Weather causes power outages across Tasmania

More than 1750 TasNetworks customers in the state’s North will remain without power overnight. 

At 8.30pm on Sunday more than 2480 customers were without power, with a lot of the causes blamed on wild weather

TasNetworks has been keeping customers updated on its Facebook page. 

“Our crews will continue to work through the night to make safe and restore until they run out of hours,” the post said.

“Fresh resources are available tomorrow to continue the restoration work.”

TasNetworks will be able to give further updates on Monday morning. 

“Our crews are still working to restore your power but it could remain off overnight so please make necessary plans,” it said.

“Thank you for your patience today, we will provide more updates first thing tomorrow morning.”

Power outages can be reported by calling 132 004. 


  • Masters Rd South Riana 47 customers
  • Loyetea, South Riana 38 customers
  • Coopers lane Wynyard 16 customers
  • Coates road Mt Hicks 10 customers
  • Lapoinya 55 customers
  • Erriba, Lower Wilmot, Wilmot 266 customers
  • Gunns Plains, 10 customers
  • Claude Road, Sheffield, West Kentish 33 Customers
  • North Motton, 10 customers
  • Liawenee, 14 customers