July 10: Your say on Dark Mofo, UTAS Newnham and RSPCA

Mary T Bates, of Exeter, does not believe Hobart's Dark Mofo is an expression of artistic talent but rather, an opportunity to be offensive.
Mary T Bates, of Exeter, does not believe Hobart's Dark Mofo is an expression of artistic talent but rather, an opportunity to be offensive.

Dark motive

I AGREE with Richard Hill’s comments on Dark Mofo (The Examiner, June 22).

It is truly a spectacle designed to cause a great many people to question its motive, which appears to be aimed at mockery of Christianity. Yet another attempt to have us believe that black is white.

Artistic talent it is not. Dark Motive better describes the activities of the organisers. The people of Hobart are much more important, than money from tourism.

They are the ones who support and pay rates to keep their city a happy and beautiful place in which to live. The organisers of events such as Dark Mofo claim carte blanche, once they get permission and funding.

The aim seems to be, to be to try to be as offensive and outrageous as they dare, which attracts attention and publicity. When challenged, they claim it is all an artistic display.

Mary T. Bates, Exeter

Newnham campus

WITH the University of Tasmania moving to a new campus at Inveresk, I wonder what will become of Newnham? At the moment Newnham has a combination of outdated homes, vacant blocks that look as if they're from a nuclear wasteland, and a couple of modern developments. The uni adds business to the area as students require particular services. In addition to business, rental properties are upon mass in the area. Once the uni moves, there goes all the business. Newnham could become a crime hub due to the lack of people investing in the area.

Collin G. Wood, Newstead

AFL footy and movies

WHAT have footy matches (AFL) and movies on television got in common?

They are very poorly and boringly planned out. The movies are repeated three, four or five times over a couple of years.

While the AFL (Hawks games) and Hobart games are still played on a Saturday afternoon when you have State League ntfa, plus NWFL and Southern League games also played on a Saturday afternoon.

Fan turnout in Sunday’s paper was compared to 2016 games at UTAS Stadium and Blundstone Arena. How long is it going to take for all of these so-called smart planners of these Tassie games, to realise if they played at night, all the other associations would be finished about 5pm, and more people would attend the games? I wonder if the penny will drop before next year’s games in Tassie.

Steve Clark, George Town.

Billion Dollar Baby

CONSIDER giving councils $40,000 to hire Ashley Youth for their wages for four years. Imagine the confidence four years of well paid work can do, even for those who are on the wrong track. Supported by sound oversight and a realistic regime, how much would this sort of program for youth from Ashley and the many going through repeatedly and around in circles at the Magistrates courts throughout Australia. We can do better and smarter and at a far cheaper rate. How should we work with social decay? And what kind of society do we want to be? We could empty Ashley and use it as a minimum security  northern prison and save $340 million and support the appropriate children in mental health facilities instead of creating lifetime criminals and still save a lot of money.

David Brimble, Scottsdale.

RSPCA Closure

I WAS appalled to hear the RSPCA may have to close in August. As a volunteer there I know how hard the staff work and how much they care for those bewildered and sad animals that pass through.  There are so many sad stories. Surely the Launceston council can find a small portion of our rates to help? Many ratepayers would approve of a such a move which supports such a worthwhile cause.

H. Bower, Mowbray.

Enid’s letter

ALL power to Enid Denman of Beauty Point for her letter in The Examiner (June 25). It is disgusting that any woman should have her destiny decided in such a sexist way. Just when is there going to a level playing field with a removal of tax on women's sanitary items? Condoms, an item that only has two uses, as a contraceptive or a rather unusual party balloon, aren't taxed so why should items that are essential to all pre-menopausal women be taxed? Come on government, let's see some action.

Richard Hill, Newstead

West Tamar council

IF THE West Tamar council can increase rates, maybe they’ll be able to afford a weekly garbage collection.

F. O’Sullivan, Riverside

Name for Civic Square

ON A recent visit to Launceston Library I noticed the new alterations are just about finished and a name change for the area came to mind at once – ‘black poles’.

David Parker, West Launceston.


I DON’T know of anyone who owns a phone who has not been called by scammers trying to cheat them out of their hard-earned money. They are persistent, with no conscience and the hide of a rhinoceros. Here is a suggestion for enterprising phone companies: how’s about a phone with a “nuisance caller” button or an app for mobiles that sends a loud discordant screech to the caller? That will maybe annoy them as much as they annoy us.

Malcolm McCulloch, Pipers River


A memorial in City Park for train driver Peter Douglas is a very fitting thing to do. He was a man who spent so many hours giving children, parents and grandparents so much fun and entertainment with his countless hours driving the train. The memorial should be placed near the train’s departure point, or even on the side of the train’s engine. My wife and I both enjoyed our many rides with our grand-daughter as she grew up. Rest in peace train man.

David Parker, West Launceston.