Donation disclosure to be considered in Tasmanian Government's review of Electoral Act

Tasmanians only have until next week to have their say on a review of legislation governing elections in the state.

In particular, the government is seeking feedback on disclosure of donations to political parties.

Donations of $13,500 or more must be declared though such reporting is not published for more than a year and does not account for multiple donations from one source.

The review is also looking at limitations on advertising and publishing media content on election day and regulations regarding third parties, like unions and other lobby groups, during campaigns.

The review follows strong calls from the state’s opposition parties. An interim report is expected by the end of this year and a final report is expected in 12 months.

Submissions close on July 20. Community submissions are welcome and stakeholder consultation will be undertaken

Anyone who wishes to make a submission is encouraged to  email or go to