Boil water alert still in place for Deloraine area

A boil water alert is still in place for Deloraine.

TasWater said water quality issues in the area led to the introduction of the alert, with the entire Deloraine supply network affected.

Untreated water was identified as having entered the system, which could present a health issue to residents of the area.

Meander Valley Council mayor Craig Perkins said it was unusual for boil water alerts to be put in place at Deloraine.

“TasWater said they were hoping it would be a few days [until the alert is lifted], fingers crossed,” he said.

“It’s definitely a nuisance, not only for cafes but for hospitals, medical centres, aged care homes.”

Cr Perkins said Department of Health officers had been in Deloraine engaging with residents, shop owners, and health care workers about the alert.

TasWater crews are flushing and scouring water mains throughout the town, in areas on the west side of the Meander River.

TasWater said customers could notice an increase in discolouration or cloudiness in their water, which will clear after the work is complete.

Water testing is underway, with the boil water alert to be lifted when the cause of the problem is identified and corrected and there is no evidence of contamination in the network.

In a letter to residents, manager of service performance Peter Januba urged people to dispose of food and beverages, including ice and baby formula, that had been prepared after 10am on Friday.

“The alert will be in effect until TasWater and the Department of Health and Human Services are confident that there is no longer a public health concern,” he said