Letters to the editor, July 9, 2018: Your say on RSPCA centres, traffic, and Donald Trump

Gudrun Machlow, of Scottsdale, supports the RSPCA.
Gudrun Machlow, of Scottsdale, supports the RSPCA.

RSPCA centre 

WHERE did Dorset mayor Greg Howard get his information from?

Sadly, there will always be people who treat animals poorly, no matter where they live, city or country.

While living in Melbourne we hardly ever had problems with stray or feral cats.

Never mind seeing dumped young roosters on top of our roof. Like other residents of Scottsdale, we did help and adopt some of them.

And yes, we have a very good animal control officer who goes out of his way to find the owners.

But what happens with the unwanted animals?

We used the adoption service of the RSPCA at Mowbray. Our dog is from there.

In Victoria, and now in Tasmania, we always support the RSPCA and greatly appreciate their service and commitment for all the animals.

Gudrun Machlow, Scottsdale.

Scam calls

I THINK many  people can relate to Peter Taylor’s letter (The Examiner, June 26), regarding robo and scam calls.

The most recent, persistent and annoying calls are from persons with barely understandable accents, claiming to be from Telstra technical support.

“You have a problem with your NBN connection to your computer and I can fix it for you.”

On one Saturday we received eight of these calls.

If you call the number back you will be told that the number is not connected.

For some entertainment, after the standard, “How are you today Mr Millar,” I answer that I am much the same as yesterday, and then advise that I do have a problem, with as many medical conditions that I can think of, and in great detail.

If they  have not hung up, I then continue with my observations of the weather over the past week, or continually ask them to, "Say again”.

Hopefully this costs them more money.

In this technical age why can’t Telstra trace or block these calls and how many customers are being phished or scammed by them?

Lindsay Millar, Hillwood.


JUSTINE Keay has been very vocal about mobile phone hotspots and so called problems but failed to turn up at either session of the Regional Telecommunication Independent review committee sessions held in both Devonport and Stanley on June 19.

Obviously her so called concerns are just mere words with no action behind them.

Eric Mobbs, Miandetta.

Tourist comments

OUR capital city needs some fresh vision.

I have lived and worked in Hobart for more than 20 years owning my own businesses and paying rates.

I am dismayed to hear what Hobart mayor Ron Christie has to say. The city is on the cusp of doing some great things.

There are some healthy growing pains, plenty of other cities would love to have. 

How could you possibly think tourism is bad for the city? Tourism certainly helps fill the council’s coffers.

Look at the great drawcards on top of what the city has to offer anyway.

MONA , Dark Mofo, Mount Wellington and Salamanca Market etc, these are magnets for the city.

Imagine Melbourne’s Lord Mayor taking Ron Christie’s line of thinking.

Close the MCG, withdraw support for the Australian Tennis Open, get rid of the Grand Prix and stop any of those magic, world-class art exhibitions coming to town because they bring tourists that clog up the city.

Thank God for David Walsh. We need more people like you.

As for amalgamations, I say get on with it.

Gil Sellars, Launceston.

Launceston traffic

IN LETTERS (The Examiner, June 26) I stated that new traffic lights should not be installed on the East Tamar Highway (Goderich Street) at the Gleadow Street intersection.

Others have stated (The Examiner, June 28) that new traffic lights should not be installed in the East Tamar Highway at the Mowbray Connector.

Someone is on the wrong page – either the motoring public or the traffic experts.

Jim Dickenson. Riverside.

Donald Trump

I READ a letter in The Examiner (June 26) extolling Donald trump and saying he should definitely be in line for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Well, if you think that a guy who boasts about groping women, who likes incarcerating small children and who thinks the North Korea and Russian leaders are the bee’s knees then go for it.

If one believes in dignity in office, compassion for the vulnerable, integrity and intelligence then Trump is at the bottom of the pile of bananas.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.

AMA Head

IT was heartening to read the balanced article the new head of the AMA (The Examiner, June 27).

He did not blame the present government, but acknowledged that the problem we have now have been building up over decades with governments of both persuasions to blame.

A breath of fresh air.

Graeme Barwick, Riverside.

East Tamar Hwy

MY personal opinion is to have a roundabout and speed bumps about 150 meters ahead each side on the East Tamar Highway. 

And the traffic heading from Mowbray to the Launceston city centre, via East Tamar Highway, needs continues lanes instead of zip merge lanes.

Abi Acharya, Newhnam.