Gorse, Sangaree funding discussed at Break O'Day Council meeting

Gorse was a hot topic at Break O’Day Council’s June meeting.

The Seymour Community Action Group requested funding through the Community Funding Program to reduce the issue of gorse on Crown Land at Seymour, but was unsuccessful.

Councillor Hannah Rubenach-Quinn said the community at Seymour had been very proactive in trying to manage such a large issue within the community, and changed the motion from not funding the project to putting funds toward the project.

Cr Rubenach-Quinn said she did not think there were adequate reasons provided to council not to support the group.

Councillor Janet Drummond said the group was very dedicated to what they were doing, and Councillor Kylie Wright said the group should be applauded for what it is doing. 

“It needs to be dealt with,” Cr Wright said. “It's a difficult situation.”

Councillor Glenn McGuiness said he was conflicted.

He said he had great empathy for the group, however didn’t believe the community funding program should be used for such projects.

The motion for the group’s funding was lost.

Questions were raised by councillors over funding toward Girl Guide building Sangaree.

Under council community grants and sponsorship for 2017-2018, the building was listed to receive $2500 in funding.

In 2013, the council voted to support the St Helens Girl Guide unit by providing $2500 annually to run the property on Argonaut Road.

However, concerns were raised as the building is no longer being used.

Councillor Margaret Osborne said council would “do some investigating”.

The St Marys Community Space will be getting a new picnic table and sign, and the Beauty Bay outdoor shower will soon have a small seat or table and bench, a cement path from the shower to the toilet block, and clear sealer on the shower base.

  • Meeting minutes will be available on the council’s website.