Beauty Point artist featured in Windsor Precinct exhibit

Some of Tasmania’s most well-known landmarks will adorn the walls of the Windsor Community Precinct throughout June as part of a new exhibition.

Organised through the West Tamar Arts Group, the acrylic and pastel work of Beauty Point artist Janine Seen will be displayed at the site until June 30. 

While she “loved to draw” as a child, Seen hasn’t always had time to pursue her passion, with the rigors of family and work often proving enough to keep her busy.

The watercolour paintings that she did manage to complete were often used as gifts for family and friends. 

In 2014, she was introduced to pastels and “fell in love” with the different colour options the style provided.

“I hadn’t really had much tutoring in watercolours and I definitely consider it to be the harder medium,” she said.

“I had someone teach me pastel when I first started, and I just really began to enjoy it.

“As an artist, I love to capture the colours in landscapes and seascapes, defining the colours in the clouds, sky and the reflections on the water

“I also just really love to paint the local scenery.”

The exhibition features views of Beauty Point, Kayema, St Helens Wharf and Mount Wellington, as well as many more. 

It comes after Seen’s debut exhibition at the West Tamar Yacht Club in March, which raised more than $1000 for the Harcourts Foundation.

She has since been commissioned to a variety of work, while also joining the West Tamar Arts Group.

Seen said there was nothing like seeing the impact her paintings had on other people.

“One of the reasons why I love to paint is to see people’s reactions and get a sense of how they feel about the work.”

The Windsor Community Precinct is at 1 Windsor Drive, Riverside.

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