Letters to the editor | June 13, 2018

Archie is fast becoming the favourite hospitality worker in Launceston. He greets visitors at the Silo Hotel.
Archie is fast becoming the favourite hospitality worker in Launceston. He greets visitors at the Silo Hotel.

Silo pooch 

WELL done Jessica Willard for your heart-warming, feelgood article about Archie the Silo pooch (mind you, the photo seems he's more of a chocolate lab rather than a black lab, but no matter, he's just a beautiful creature).

I'm sure he will be a great asset to the hotel as their resident mascot.

People might even visit just to see Archie.

I will.

Maureen Cranfield, Prospect.

LINC to Library

THE power of the people has spoken again and the government has reacted to their wishes.

Launceston’s LINC is to have a name change back to its original Library either state or Launceston

it matters not the library will be a library once more.

Former Labor Premier David Bartlett would not comment on the name change.

It’s easy to see why ex Premier David Bartlett was the Premier and it was his government that made the change to LINC in 2009 in the first place.

Labor MHA Michelle O’Byrne must have a short memory when says its an expensive exercise for governments to make name changes she would know from experience being a member of Mr Bartlett’s government.

David Parker, West Launceston.

University dinner

I READ in Alumni eNews that a black tie alumni dinner at $150 per head is going to be held in Launceston in September.

How quaint, old fashioned, unimaginative, elitist and out of touch with the ordinary graduate paying off a HECS debt, can you get.

In 2015 I attended a Christ College Reunion Dinner to mark 125 years of the university. It cost $66 with drinks from the bar at Pepperz on campus.

The food was fantastic, dress was smart casual, I distributed a book I had written for the occasion and it was a wonderful night of friendship and nostalgia.

By contrast in the newsletter I noticed there was a free reception in Old Parliament House for Canberra graduates, where they could relax and mingle.

What a great idea.

A similar function could be held at Eskleigh at say $20 ahead where graduates could socialise and interact amongst the beautiful art works,this would be a much better option than a black tie event.

University organisers get real, it is 2018 not 1968, and informal relaxed smart casual is the way to go.

Malcolm Scott Newstead.

Midland Highway upgrades

HOW disappointing to see the hawthorn hedge in St Peter’s Pass uprooted. I had hoped the highway widening might have gone behind an intact hedge.

However, all is not lost if a new hedge is now planted on the western side.

I am somewhat confident this might happen as the Pioneers’ Avenue is elsewhere getting attention with new plantings.

That small objection apart, it is great to see the quality of the highway now being constructed with a solid base able to withstand all those big B doubles  using it.

Pity about the heavy chip log trucks and their 600 kilometre return journey, so unnecessary with a loading facility in the south most desirable (and these trucks no longer adding to traffic overload in Hobart and Launceston).

Dick James, Launceston.


The price  of a popular brand of butter  sold at some supermarkets has jumped from $5.30  per 500gms to $5.60.

What has caused the necessity to charge an increase of  30 cents per each 500 gram unit of butter sold and where does the extra profit go?

O.G Parish, Sidmouth.

Right to information

AN interesting article published in The Examiner (May 20) with outgoing UTAS Deputy Dean of Law Rick Snell. 

I wish him well.

Freedom Of Information law provides citizens with access to government documents, with the aim of promoting transparency and accountability of government, its officials, and their actions. 

Previously we had FOI in Tasmania but then it was changed to Right to Information (RTI).

I recently inquired again of Ombudsman Tasmania about the length of time it was taking to provide me with RTI releases.

On the April 26 it was confirmed my Hydro (Basslink) request was lodged on the February 15, 2017 (434 days ago).

My DPIPWE (smoke regulations) request was lodged on the October 6, 2017 (201 days ago). 

Add to this another 35 days at the time of writing this letter.

To achieve secrecy, our current state government is determined to under-resource the Ombudsman so he cannot provide information in a timely manner under the Act, or at all.

The Act is there to assist democracy. Obviously this is not what the Liberals are about.

Clive Stott, Grindelwald.

Payment for interviews

THE ongoing saga of Barnaby Joyce - his marriage break up, resignation of his leadership, romantic involvement with one of his staffers, and taking payment for a nationwide interview - has to be the lowest point in the current government.

One of the golden rules of business or government is that you do not have romantic affliations with the staff or people that you employ. 

Barnaby's actions were all his own doing and he is liable for all the trouble this is doing to his political carrier but probably the lowest point is when he took money for the interview claiming that she was pressured into having an abortion.

I'm just waiting for his crocodile tears, they will probably be released with the baby photos when his new girlfriend applies for her old job back in his office.

Anthony Galvin, Launceston.


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