Funds from land disposals to go ‘back into the community’

Break O'Day mayor Mick Tucker. Picture: Phillip Biggs
Break O'Day mayor Mick Tucker. Picture: Phillip Biggs

Parcels of land in the Break O’Day region are being disposed of by council.

Mayor Mick Tucker said the disposal of the 11 parcels of land was not a matter of money.

“This is not a revenue raising exercise by council,” Councillor Tucker said.

“This land has been identified as surplus to the needs of council and rather than footing the bill in terms of land tax and maintenance costs, we would rather sell off the land and put the savings and the sale proceeds back into the community.”

Much of the land was public open space, and was identified through the Municipal Management Plan as surplus to the needs of the council.

Five of the parcels will be offered to adjoining land owners and one to a conservation group prior to auction.


“Some of the funds have already been earmarked for further upgrading of existing recreational areas,” Cr Tucker said.

“We see this exercise, which will be a long and lengthy one, as in the best interests of our community.”

The parcels of land are located at St Helens, Binalong Bay, Scamander, Goulds Country, and Cornwall.

The advertisement of the intention of disposal was the first step in a process that may involve rezoning, meaning it could be some time before any of the parcels go to auction.

Any objections to the disposals will need to be received by council no later than 5pm on June 12.

Objections will be considered by the council, with decisions given no more than seven days later.

Contact Break O’Day Council for more information.