City of Launceston vote on food truck permits for Eat Street

Three food vans could secure 12-month permits for Eat Street on Monday.  

City of Launceston aldermen will vote on whether to issue a Food Vendors on Public Roads Permit to Small Grain, Sailor Food Truck and Burger Junkie. 

The permit will allow the food trucks to trade at Eat Street for one year. 

Despite previously trading at the site, Turkish Tukka and Food for Dudes didn’t apply for permits.

A report investigating public safety, litter minimisation, community safety and possibility of public toilets at Eat Street was requested by the council in early 2017

A council working group developed a selection criteria for deciding which vans trade at High Street. 

The criteria included restricting trade to four food vans and current traders be given two months to comply with new driver side door restrictions.

The permit allows vans to operate at St Georges Square, seven nights a week. 

Three vans expressed interest in obtaining one of the four permits the council has allocated for Eat Street. 

City of Launceston charges $2000 per permit, per year. 

The council meeting will begin at 1pm on Monday.