Food Fighters: BOFA Big Picture Discussion talks about food security

Tasmania has some of the worst health outcomes in the country, despite growing some of the nation’s best quality food. 

Up to 50,000 Tasmanians are struggling to access good food on a daily basis, according to the Dishing up the facts: Going without healthy food in Tasmania 2016 report.

Dietitian and University of Tasmania lecturer Sandra Murray said that one of the major reason why some Tasmanians are going without food is because it is not affordable.

Affordable healthy food is not readily available to all Tasmanians, the report found.

Being food secure means a person has physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs for an active and healthy life. 

It is estimated that food insecurity costs the Tasmanian healthcare system about $60 million a year. 

IN FOCUS: Food security of Northern Tasmanians will be discussed as part of this year's Breath of Fresh Air film festival.

IN FOCUS: Food security of Northern Tasmanians will be discussed as part of this year's Breath of Fresh Air film festival.

Food security is explored by two documentary films being screened at this year’s Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air film festival. 

OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn spent two years filming Food Fighters.

The film reveals four million tonnes of edible food is discarded in landfill in Australia every year. 

Directed by Dan Goldberg, Kahn takes on politicians and big business, as well as partnering with the United Nations and rubbing shoulders with Jamie Oliver. 

Food Fighter will be aired at Village at 12.15pm on Saturday as part of the Breath of Fresh Air film festival.

For eight years Suzy and John Muir documented their relation to each other, to nature and to other creatures.

Directed by Ian Darling, the film Suzy and the Simple Man follows the couple as they go off the grid and grow their own food.

The film aired on Thursday, but people can catch Suzy at a Big Picture Discussion on Saturday. 

Suzy will be joined by Kahn, OzHarvest’s Annika Stott and Ms Murray for a Q&A at TasTAFE’s Drysdale campus from 2.30pm to 4pm on Saturday.

Each speaker will talk about lessons they’ve learned about food security and waste minimisation. 

The session is free, but you must register your attendance at

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