May 18, 2018: Your say on Cambria estate, the Tamar River, and Labor’s budget reply

Craig Cahill, of Blessington, shares his thoughts on the development idea for the East Coast.
Craig Cahill, of Blessington, shares his thoughts on the development idea for the East Coast.

Chinese consortium

I WAS horrified to read that Chinese consortium has been given the go ahead to build a multi-million dollar resort on the East Coast near Swansea.

While it is wonderful to have a booming tourist industry, it's another thing to sell off the state. Like many others, we moved here years ago to get away from the rat race and live a quiet life and I'm sure the residents of Swansea feel the same way.

Some will argue that it will bring employment and income to the area but the tranquility of the area will be overrun by visitors, thus ruining the original quiet appeal, ergo making it less attractive. Sometimes things are best left just as they are.

Craig Cahill, Blessington.

Tamar Pollution

I see in The Examiner (May 5) that $47.5 million has been allocated in the federal budget for ‘Tamar clean-up’.  

In the strong expectation that our state government will at least match that, we can confidently look forward to something really happening. Great, now we need a timeline of works that will take place over the next few years to finally get human waste out of the river.

Dick James, Launceston.

Tinted spectacles

AT LAST I know who to contact for a pair of "rose-coloured glasses".

"Launceston is transforming whether we are ready or not.” Don't you mean whether we like it or not? The Cityprom executive officer’s piece (The Examiner, May 4) looked like a report on why he should keep his job.

I would like to ask Steve Henty, where can I get a pair of the glasses he is looking at Launceston CBD through?

I drive through Launceston to see what is changing. I won’t park and walk (too expensive), by the time I walk to the meter and 20 yards away from my car, the meter has expired. The "empty words of retail vacancy" could be reduced to one sentence. The CBD is slowly being slaughtered by the council, and it is a shame.

It was a great shopping centre, but the suburbs are doing much better. Maybe the council would be better off buying a pair of the "rose-coloured specs" that Mr Henty is wearing, for all the ratepayers and residents of Launceston?

Steve Rogers, South Launceston.


MICHAEL Scott (The Examiner, May 2)  I fully agree that we have far too many councils in Tasmania and the Legislative Council is just a waste of money. 

It is not "independent" in the true sense, it has Liberal and Labor sympathisers. Many of us have been bashing this subject for years in the hope someone will see sense and follow the lead of New Zealand as well as Queensland. Both these places have prospered. 

Some say having a single house can lead to legislation we do not agree with, but the people these days are much more vocal and can speak their minds as they wish. Politicians have to listen or they are out in no time.

Lyle Cook, Shearwater.

Abortion provision

THE government has been wise in the response made to the closure of abortion clinics in Tasmania due to a lack of demand for surgical abortion in this state.

Providing for interstate travel costs, and for cases involving serious risk to the mother’s mental or physical health in public hospitals in Tasmania, have been reasonable and compassionate decisions.

I cannot agree with Labor leader Rebecca White when she claims abortion is just another medical procedure, because it involves killing a new life. It is for this reason that many women do not decide on abortion. What is needed is well funded pregnancy support services to provide for those in difficult situations who need help.

Pat Gartlan, Battery Point.

Anglican Church 

THERE is an English song with the line: “We love the Church of England although we never go”.

That is probably the problem with the Anglican Church today with very few regulars.

Often it is only to be hatched,matched and despatched, but even that today is much less frequent with the secularisation of society. 

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.


WE LIVE in a society, not an economy.

Happiness comes from helping others.

Those with a fancy car or a big empty house have lost the plot.

John Lennon was asked at school what he wanted to be when he grew up.

His reply was "happy".

His teacher said that he did not understand the question.

John's reply was "you don't understand life".

Leon Cooper, St Leonards.

A nightmare

SO WE have heard Labor's brilliant plan to oust the LNP's budget.

Not impressive.

This plan comes from the Labor Party that produced six deficits amounting to $240 million.

We are left wondering what might happen on many other issues including border protection.

If the spoken policies are alarming the unspoken plans behind them are truly frightening.

Please deliver us from another Labor fiscal shipwreck.

Len Langan, Longford.

Mathias Cormann

MATHIAS Cormann was doing a pre-budget spiel and said that only the Liberals could keep Australia safe and out of harm, unlike the opposition parties.

Sorry Senator but it was your party that got us into Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, real debacles.

So if that is your definition of safe then we are in deep trouble.

Peter Taylor, Midway Point.