Premier Will Hodgman says no Liberal Party in-fighting

Premier Will Hodgman says there is no ‘in-fighting’ in the Liberal Government.

He was responding to questions about tensions between Attorney-General Elise Archer and new Speaker Sue Hickey.

Ms Archer on Wednesday denied she called Ms Hickey a “treacherous b--ch” but admitted emotions were running high after Ms Hickey’s shock election.

Mr Hodgman said Ms Archer had made a statement and he was not worried Ms Hickey would vote against legislation forcing the government into a minority government.

“The Attorney-General has a made a clear statement about what was reported and I’ve no reason to disbelieve that all,” he said.

“People across parties, within the parliament and in the broader community will always be freely engaging.

“In this case what we’ve had is a repeat of something that the Attorney-General has refuted categorically. That’s that.”

Mr Hodgman said he was focused on providing good government for Tasmanians and delivering on election commitments.

He did not anticipate being in minority government.

“We are in majority, we were elected to government in majority and that’s what we’ll do,” Mr Hodgman said.