Parks works to return public toilets, shelter to Ben Lomond after fire

Getting basic amenities and shelter at Ben Lomond is a priority for Parks and Wildlife Service. 

The national park was left without public toilets and shelter after a fire destroyed two buildings on Tuesday night. 

Northern regional manager Chris Colley said getting an urgent interim solution in place to get through winter was the immediate focus for parks. 

At this early stage, Mr Colley said a demountable building was possibly the best option to get public toilets on the mountain as quickly as possible. 

“This also has to fit in with existing sewerage infrastructure because it is a difficult place to plumb,” Mr Colley said. “Ben Lomond is quite a difficult place logistically.” 

Parks is working with stakeholders and business owners to find a solution for the upcoming snow season.

"Then there will be a secondary exercise where we start to do some planning and consultation on what the longer term solution is after losing the public toilets and day shelter,” Mr Colley said.

The Ben Lomond Alpine Hotel was reduced to rubble and the Parks and Wildlife Service day shelter gutted, causing more than $1 million damage. 

On Wednesday Mr Colley said the fire had significant impact on some services at the national park. 

“The shelter used to house the public toilets and the current closure means that no public toilet facilities are available at the ski field,” he said.

“We recognise the importance of the shelter and toilets to the public during the snow season and we will be looking at options to restore these essential facilities as soon as possible.”

Closure of the day shelter means the closest public toilets are located at the Ben Lomond campground, eight kilometres from the ski village.

Investigations into the cause of a fire which claimed two buildings at Ben Lomond are continuing. 

For information about closures or changes, visit the Parks and Wildlife Service website.

It is a great loss to the Ben Lomond ski park.

David Downie