Prosser candidate Steve Mav says result supports Hodgman Government

Jane Howlett and her father Colin at the declaration of the Prosser poll.

Jane Howlett and her father Colin at the declaration of the Prosser poll.

The election result for the seat of Prosser was an endorsement of the Hodgman Government’s policies, says defeated independent candidate Steve Mav.

At the declaration of the poll on Thursday, Mr Mav, who came third in the election, said the Prosser result also showed that people voted for independent candidates.

“Forty-six per cent of voters chose to vote for independents and I think that is encouraging because it does demonstrate that the Legislative Council still has a role for independents,” he said.

Mr Mav believed the election of Liberal candidate Jane Howlett to the new seat of Prosser would give voters a voice in government decision making.

“What it says is that the government’s election promises now have even greater potency given that the electors chose the government’s candidate,” he said.

“We are no longer rivals, you are our local member and we will make sure that as the local member we support you and get our share of government services, funding and support.”

Mr Mav was the only losing candidate in the field of 13 candidates, to speak at the declaration of the poll.

Ms Howlett thanked voters for putting their “trust and faith” in her, as well as her family including father Colin for being her inspiration.

She urged Tasmanians with political ambitions to not give up.

“Having stood for elections unsuccessfully many times I do know how hard it is,” Ms Howlett said.

“I say to all aspiring politicians, be persistent, because it can pay off.”

Ms Howlett said the issue of mandatory sentencing for offences against children had been a prominent issue during the election and she hoped it was supported by the Legislative Council.