Hodgman support firms, Labor takes hit, Greens improve: polling

Picture: EMRS
Picture: EMRS

The first independent political polling since the state election has landed, showing both Premier Will Hodgman and Opposition Leader Rebecca White’s personal popularity ratings have remained unchanged.

The latest quarterly EMRS State Voting Intentions Poll surveyed 1000 Tasmanian voters.

Interestingly, support for the Labor Party has fallen by 4 per cent compared to the figures in EMRS’ February poll, now sitting at 30 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Liberals’ support has increased by 1 per cent, now up to 47 per cent.

The Greens will be slightly emboldened by a marginal increase in their support, up two percentage points to 14 per cent.

Of the remaining decided voters, 8 per cent of the overall sample stated they would vote for a party other than the three parties with members in the lower house.

Mr Hodgman is still Tasmania’s preferred Premier, albeit down one percentage point to 47 per cent since the February poll.

Ms White, on the other hand, has remained at 41 per cent in terms of the preferred Premier rating.

11 per cent of voters either remain unsure of who they would prefer to be Premier or would rather that neither Mr Hodgman or Ms White led the state.