Give Launceston more wings to help it soar

Launceston's stock is on the rise.

We have seen the inner-city blocks get their boost, with apartments being constructed left, right and centre.

Representative body Cityprom has taken on a new direction statement, to make Launceston the most vibrant and livable city that it can be.

This week, The Examiner has published two stories about significant developments planned for Ravenswood, and near Evandale, respectively a 75-lot subdivision and a whole new town.

Our real estate market is experiencing the biggest boom it has seen in years, with soaring house prices and a hot demand for properties.

Every time new data is released, it shows more tourists are visiting more frequently and staying for longer.

Our bubbling confidence is only going to be boosted further, as more and more developments proceed. 

Soon we will attract even more national attention, when it hosts the National Tourism Awards early next year.

Launceston is on its way to becoming one of the country’s best regional cities.

It is imperative, then, that all our infrastructure lines up. This includes our airport and the services it provides.

The Launceston Airport has been named the country’s major airport of the year, three years running.

The only thing letting it down is the flights it is providing. While passenger numbers are rising, flight numbers are falling.

This is not the fault of the airport – in fact its general manager is leading the charge for Launceston to receive increased flights, and new routes.

Unfortunately, the major carriers in Qantas and Virgin Australia have said they have no plans to show Launceston some extra love anytime soon.

Launceston Airport now offers direct flights to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, in order of frequency.

There are no direct flights to Adelaide, the Gold Coast, or Canberra, which is a dampener on the city’s ability to attract holidaymakers, or potential new Tasmanians.

It is not a case of making life one-flight easier for a handful of people. More direct flights increase our chances of attracting more people who want to build lives and business in Northern Tasmania.

That is something we can all get on board with.