Bureau of Meteorology West Takone radar offline for scheduled maintenance

Tasmania’s West Takone weather radar will be taken offline for two weeks to undergo scheduled maintenance.

The West Takone radar is one of five stations nationally that are scheduled for maintenance work, effective from May 15.

"This update to the West Takone radar is a routine upgrade that we will undertake regularly during its 30-year life cycle," Bureau of Meteorology acting state manager Simon McCulloch said.

"We are constantly improving our technology and equipment for weather services across Australia, and as you would expect with anything you buy or invest in, it needs to undergo routine services and updates as new technology or parts become available.

The service works will update the radars to the latest system configuration bringing the radars into a common, consistent configuration that will improve ongoing performance and reliability, extend the life of the radars, and simplify ongoing maintenance.

During the upgrade forecasters will continue to draw on observations from a range of sources including satellites, automatic weather stations and flood warning networks.

Members of the public can receive up-to-date forecast information via MetEye (www.bom.gov.au/australia/meteye).