May 16, 2018: Your say on the Elizabeth River, mandatory sentencing, closing churches

Bill Chugg, of Campbell Town, fears for the Elizabeth River.
Bill Chugg, of Campbell Town, fears for the Elizabeth River.

Irrigation Problem

JUST how selfish and ignorant of others needs, can members of the Elizabeth Macquarie Irrigation scheme be? 

Do they really think that the water in Lake Leake is theirs and theirs alone?

The town of Campbell Town is a historic town that has changed from being dependent on the rural industry, to now relying on the tourism industry and servicing through traffic on the Midland Highway.  

Besides providing good food and toilet facilities, attempts are being made to create more attractions within the town so people may wish to stay longer.

Campbell Town’s greatest asset is the Elizabeth River, which runs through the centre of the town for more than two kilometres.   

Lake Leake, which was built by real corporate and community minded citizens for community use, is now in the hands of irrigators alone to the great detriment of Campbell Town.    

As a person known to be interested in water issues, over the past 12 months, I have written to council and its Campbell Town District committee at least three times requesting work be carried out on the original river course through the town to rid it of woody weeds and cumbungi as the water flow is negligible, all to no avail.   

A decade ago, it was still possible to observe platypus and water rats but now the growth of weeds has made it impossible for them to traverse the waterway, plus, with constantly changing water levels, our once beautiful Elizabeth River is facing ruin.

Bill Chugg, Campbell Town.

Minimum Sentences

IN THE Examiner on May 3 we once again read about the issue of mandatory minimum sentencing.  The government pays judges more than $10,000 a week to attract the best and most experienced people to those positions, people who can evaluate all the circumstances relating to the perpetrator, criminal activity and victims, so the best and most appropriate sentences can be given.

Yet the government wants to override that expertise and impose minimum sentences willy nilly without taking any of the circumstances of a particular crime into consideration.

Just how many parliamentarians have experience as judges?  The answer is none at all. So why do parliamentarians think that they can treat the judgment of the most respected members of society with such contempt?  

Why do they treat judges like incompetent lackeys that need their inexpert guidance when judges are in fact the most respected and trusted individuals our society has to offer?

Robert Karl Stonjek, Kings Meadows.

Cash for containers

EDWARD King-Grey, as you said, the cash for containers scheme is a win-win, for everyone involved.

I used it in Darwin  to help pay bills and other for items my pay didn’t quite cover.

I instigated collection bins at the Brigade Sergeant’s Mess as well as quite a few of the army units around Robinson Barracks to collect and raise money for the mess and their soldiers’ clubs.

The blokes at the recycling facility became familiar with me turning up in different vehicles from my Navara, military trucks for the mess, as well as diggers club, and when I became a member of the North Darwin RSL I used my truck with their trailer to raise money for them, too.

One of the blokes from the facility showed me the end products from the glass bottles. Many people up there used it to support themselves, too. The roads and highways were much cleaner after it was brought in. 

When we posted back to Townsville, you could tell when we reached the Queensland border by the cans and bottles on the highway.

It’s an awesome idea. I sure hope Tasmania picks it up.

Trevor Reynolds (Reno), Meander.

Petrol Increase

WHERE is all the outcry about the recent petrol price increase?

Maybe no-one cares any more. The politicians do not give a stuff either unless it is a vote catcher.

K. Nunn, Newnham.

Closing churches

WHY is the Anglican Church leadership proposing closure of so many rural community churches while leaving multiple and property-rich city churches untouched? Would it not be better to amalgamate city churches than to rip the heart out of small rural communities?

Janis Huggettr, Windermere.


THE Western World has declared war on a plant for more than 40 years.

The plant is winning, because it offers an alternative to hang overs and making a fool out of oneself.

Millions are choosing marijuana instead of alcohol for their health’s sake and for polite interactions on social media. Meanwhile our decision makers stay in the dark ages. 

Leon Cooper, St Leonards.


FOLLOWING the observations concerning the Greens made by Don Davey (Letters, The Examiner, May 7) we should feel comfortable that this political party will never be in a position to form a government. 

Indeed, it is certain that if ever they were called, they would have no idea how to do so.

The Greens are and always will be - until they follow the Democrats into the land of wispy memories - an expression of democracy that allows the joker to have both a vote and a say. Sadly of course, the jester is not always as harmless as he is clumsy and disruptive. 

Len Langan, Longford.

Liberal Party

HOW long are the Liberals going to sing the same old song “We’ve been cleaning up Labor’s mess”?

They must not be much of a party if it takes 10 years to do this. Maybe they should look at their own management.

M. Brooks, KingsMeadows.