Baby Drew born in mum's bedroom

Baby Drew’s premature entrance into the world was a Mother’s Day shock for mum Dannielle Reid. 

Just after 5am on Sunday morning, Ms Reid delivered her baby before the paramedics could arrive. 

“I woke up and thought I was in a little bit of pain. I said to my partner ‘you might have to call an ambulance’ because I thought I was in labour,” she said. 

“I wasn’t exactly sure. I went to the toilet and then I stood beside my bed for a second and by the time I told him to call an ambulance, he turned over and I was standing there holding a baby.” 

Ms Reid said paramedics arrived at her Cressy home about 10 minutes after her partner Ashley Holliday called.

“They (paramedics) came around and grabbed the baby. The paramedic was just so shocked at how I could deliver my own baby,” she said. 

The five-pound two-ounce, healthy bundle of joy arrived exactly one month early. 

Baby Drew is a brother for one-year-old Faith, and three-year-old Brady. 

“Faith was laying in the bed with my partner when I had the baby, so she was a bit distraught and didn’t really know what was going on,” Ms Reid said.  

“My partner went and woke my little boy, Brady, up as soon as I had Drew – he just loved it. 

“He wouldn’t even let the paramedics in, he was just standing there.”

Ms Reid said her partner was “a little bit freaked out” by the experience. 

“It was a bit of a shock for myself too, actually,” she said. “We were going to get up this morning and cook pancakes with the kids but Drew had other plans for us.”

Ms Reid said she had no prior warning that Drew was on his way. 

“I just had the feeling that I needed to go to the toilet and then it just happened,” she said.