Mission achieved thanks to charitable acts

Northern Tasmania, you have done it again.

A call was issued, and over the course of six weeks, you answered it.

The Examiner’s second Mission Possible campaign has just wrapped up. 

The drive aims to collect as many donations as possible for City Mission, for the charity to distribute to those in need within the Launceston community.

This year’s push gathered more than 8000 items.

City Mission chief executive Stephen Brown said the total was a blessing.

He said the charity was particularly pleased with the diversity of items offered, beyond non-perishable food.

People donated personal care items, baby products, and pet food.

The items will go on to help people who are struggling. An item here or there might not change a life, but it is a symbol of hope and support that can make a day just that bit easier. Ease just one burden, for someone.

Every where we look, it seems there is another cause that is crying out for funding.

There is so much need, across the country and the world, across all causes.

It is therefore heartening to see that people still choose to turn their efforts to charities run in their neighbourhoods.

So many people The Examiner talks to about its campaigns – Mission Possible, the Winter Relief Appeal, and the Empty Stocking Appeal – say they continue to donate locally because they can see the difference that it makes.

They know that their donations are not tied up in national organisations’ admin costs. The effects are immediate, and they are local.

A plethora of businesses and organisations donated to this year’s Mission Possible campaign.

It is also exciting to see how many schools are becoming engaged with the program. Scotch Oakburn College donated 600 items, and Punchbowl Primary school in excess of 400 items.

Housing stress and the rising cost of living is placing pressure on communities Australia-wide, and Tasmania is not immune.

While we wait for action from the top of the chain – whether that be affordable housing strategies, or increased benefits – we can all help from the bottom up.

It only takes a small action to make a huge difference.