Gossip is our social curse

Southern Cross newsreader Jo Palmer takes a look at life in a world full of change and challenges.
Southern Cross newsreader Jo Palmer takes a look at life in a world full of change and challenges.

Well the wedding of the year has arrived with all the accompanying critiques.

The dress, the bride’s hair, makeup and jewellery will all be pulled apart and judged by royal, and everyday commentators.

Above all, the rumours surrounding his family, her family, who was in and who was out will soon be laid to rest.  And despite some of Australia’s most high profile journalists giving exclusive exposés, it appears the bride will be walked down the aisle by the father she is evidently ‘killing with emotional neglect’!

We call them reports but in truth, it’s gossip on an international scale. 

For months we have been saturated with the most ridiculous and outrageous claims.  And if some of it is the truth, it’s none of our business.

All families – even royal ones – have weird great aunties, granddads who drink too much, dysfunctional parents or embarrassing siblings.  Imagine having all that exposed on the world stage.

It’s beyond horrifying.

Just last week my husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  And it was a celebration.  Eleven years of laughter and tears, fighting and making up, agreeing and disagreeing.  All the beautiful elements that make our partnership so sensational. 

But our marriage has also been the subject of ‘discussion’ by people we have never met; people we don’t know and who don’t know us. 

My favourite marriage ‘gossip’ moment came a few years ago when the cliché rumour surfaced that my husband had a fling while I was running the Burnie Ten!  How can you even make this stuff up?

What those enjoying this sensational conversation didn’t know was that on the day of the alleged ‘event’, I was actually in bed with morning sickness having just found out we were pregnant with our youngest little boy.  I didn’t run the Burnie Ten, instead I stayed in bed with an endless stream of cups of tea, while my husband mowed the lawns.

You couldn’t have got it more wrong!

Gossip about the next door neighbour or a royal couple, achieves nothing other than to amuse oneself for just a moment in time. 

But it can be hurtful to those who are the target. Magazines, just like the local big mouths, never seem to be held to account. 

This weekend two families, one known to the world and the other until now just a regular family, come together through a marriage.

When you strip away the thousands of well wishes and international media – and perhaps remove the Queen, I’m guessing it will all look pretty normal.  Now let’s just see how long it is before those determined to find a drama or a scandal, let loose of this newest married couple.