April 25, 2018: Your say on TasWater bills, a Tamar barrage, and independent politicians

John Cheek, of Longford, received his TasWater bill recently.
John Cheek, of Longford, received his TasWater bill recently.


I DISCOVERED my dreaded correspondence in the mailbox recently, boldly marked TasWater.

Without even opening it I knew I was billed to pay $1000 annually even without using a drop of water.

Thank goodness I do not use much of this priceless commodity. If I use a small amount of electricity, it will not cost much, or there is the solar option.

The telephone, computer bundle can be negotiated for a fair deal, and even all the insurance premiums can be compared and receive the best price.

But not the TasWater deal. The cost goes up every year, even using your own tank water, you still pay all those infrastructure demands with no other options.

Thank goodness I do not have to boil my drinling water, I would hate to pay all that money for an undrinkable product.

I hope the 800 employees of TasWater get their job done efficiently, as the state government might send a few on their way, when hopefully the take over the distribution of our water and sewerage.

John Cheek, Longford.

Party politics

IT IS with some amusement that I read that among the 13 candidates running in the Legislative seat of Prosser there are at least four independents that have either been former Liberal Party members or past Liberal candidates.

A quick web search will confirm this.

Also a possible Labor/Green voting block being touted by the Liberal candidate in this election is nothing more than a ploy to win votes.

Fact check: There are no Greens in the Legislative Council, and there are four Labor, 10 independents and one Liberal member currently elected.

If Peter Gutwein thinks these numbers stack up to be a voting block, as Treasurer his mathematician skills should be a worry to us all.

Enough of all the political rhetoric and bluster. People are sick of it.

Mark Tapsell, Youngtown.

Tamar Barrage

IN RESPONSE to Dr Ian Kidd (Letters, The Examiner, April 11) much more detail is required from him rather than merely alluding to ‘negative consequences’. What are the negatives that ‘far outweigh the positives’? 

Maybe he should look at the Tamar Lake Transformational Economic Strategy paper prepared by Robin Frith, and attempt to refute that paper’s claims?

It seems to me we’ve already ‘stuffed’ the Tamar by taking water from the Gorge and putting the human waste of 100,000 people into the river. 

What does Dr Kidd suggest we do about these issues, apart from his previous proposal of a canal from the Tailrace to the mouth of the Gorge?

Does he concede that removing the salt intrusion with the barrage will stop flocculation in the upper reaches of the Tamar and stopping the asymmetrical tide movement means the sewerage effluents will no longer be pushed up into Home Reach?

Dick James, Launceston.

Financial Services 

THE Opposition’s push for a Royal Commission into the financial services industry was labelled as unnecessary by Treasurer Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as ASICS were well equipped to police the industry.

After a very short time this has proved to be totally false and despite investigation by this origination, nothing was changed.

No matter what spin the government tries to place on these findings, it has failed miserably to protect investors with major institutions from being ripped off.

And the fact that these pillars of the community will benefit from changes to company tax reductions is beyond believe.

A Carter, Mowbray.

Cooking tripe

Unfortunately for me, my wife enjoys that cooking show My Kitchen Rules (in my opinion it stands for More Kitchen Rubbish, but don't tell her that). 

I couldn't believe the promo for an upcoming episode where the voice-over states that “the whole nation” will be in shock over two contestants being evicted from the show. 

Well I say, what total bull-manure.

The tripe dished out on TV with trash shows being hyped up literally insulting (at least in our house) my intelligence. 

One can only be thankful for the limited amount of quality programs that are available, such as Media Watch, Four Corners, and Australian Story

I may get a stint in the dog house after this, but rest assured, "the whole nation” won't be in shock.   

Robert Lee, Summerhill.

Future War

WHENEVER rogue nations decide to flex their muscles, they trot out huge warships, fighter planes and many thousands of marching soldiers for display.

China has recently done this, without regard for the fact that the entire machine is almost entirely reliant upon satellites.

Humanity has become almost entirely reliant upon satellites, in our ever-increasing laziness in this age.

The facts are that in the event of impending war the country that rules space will just take out those satellites and leave them floundering one assumes, and if not, it certainly seems to be the logical solution to this reader.

Don Davey, Launceston.

Public Health System

THROUGHOUT history man has been building walls to keep others out.

The Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall and probably the Mexican Wall (if Donald Trump is still in office).

Stone walls, concrete walls, sounds a lot like what you’ll meet trying to get help on the public health system.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.