Ravenswood skate park works start

Skating through a stormwater drain will soon be a thing of the past for those at Ravenswood. 

On Tuesday, work got underway on the region’s new $300,000 skate park. 

City of Launceston recreation planning officer Roger Faulkner said the ideas for the park came from pupils of Ravenswood Heights Primary School. 

“They drew plans, they wrote their ideas – we got about 100 surveys back from the school,” he said.  

They drew plans, they wrote their ideas – we got about 100 surveys back from the school.

Roger Faulkner

City of Launceston mayor Albert van Zetten said the community was excited for the new park. 

“It’s important for all areas of our community [to have an area like this], but it’s especially important for this one. we just want to encourage people to be out doing things,” he said. 

The skate park construction is expected to take about 12 weeks. During this time the council will continue to work on stage two of the development. 

“A nature play area will be built through the stormwater drain and then a whole range of new equipment put in,” Mr Faulkner said. 

“So we will have an inter-generational space the whole community can use.”

Stage two will be budgeted in the 2018/19 budget, with work starting about August.