Tamar NRM up for new funding from West Tamar Council

FUNDS: Tamar NRM president Roger Tyshing in 2015. Picture: Scott Gelston
FUNDS: Tamar NRM president Roger Tyshing in 2015. Picture: Scott Gelston

The West Tamar Council will consider whether to renew funding for Tamar NRM for the next three financial years. 

The council will vote on a motion at its Tuesday meeting to supply the group with $48,482 of funding for the 2018-19 financial year, with 3 per cent yearly increases for the two financial years afterward. 

Tamar NRM program coordinator Gill Basnett said the group was “quietly confident” the council would vote in favour of the motion. 

“We have a good network in the staff of the council and we fit into what [the council] is trying to achieve,” she said.

Tamar NRM would use the renewed funding to support the community in order to make “the Tamar a productive and sustainable place to live”, according to Ms Basnett. 

“We’re really flexible with what we do and we’re really flexible to work with community groups and councils toward common causes,” she said.

Renewed funding will also be sought from the group’s two other primary benefactors – the City of Launceston and the George Town Council.

The proposed funding for the City of Launceston and the George Town Council in 2018-19 is $120,510 and $13,740 respectively, with 3 per cent yearly increases for 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Ms Basnett said the variations in funding was based on rates income for the individual municipalities. 

Tamar NRM considers how much funding is secured from each council when planning its activities. 

“We make sure we do a lot in Launceston around sustainability and sustainable housing,” she said.

“In the West Tamar we have a focus on sustainable agricultural access in the Tamar and sustainable housing in the urban areas. 

“We are active with community groups in the East Tamar, but we do take funding variation into account for our activities.”

President Roger Tyshing said Tamar NRM had made invaluable contributions to the wider community. 

“Agreements with the council have, among other things, enabled Tamar NRM to attract over $7 million of funding to the Tamar region, which has been used for community driven NRM activities,” he said.