Letters to the editor | April 13, 2018

Geoff McLean says a pit pass issue has left him feeling disappointed despite being a big supporter of the Supercars.
Geoff McLean says a pit pass issue has left him feeling disappointed despite being a big supporter of the Supercars.


AS A keen motor racing fan, but on a budget, I attended one day of the V8 Supercars on the weekend, mainly to see the Touring Car Masters and visit the pits to see them, and the drivers, up close.

Upon going to the ticket booth to purchase a pit pass much to my surprise and disgust I was informed the only option was to pay $35 for a three day pass, despite the fact it wasn’t physically possible to actually do three days as two days had passed.

How can the organisers of the event justify charging people $35 for a three day pass when, for those who attend a single official race day, it isn’t even possible to do three days?  

And how is that even legal?

As a small business operator if I were to charge people for three events, but then state ‘sorry, you can only do one as we’ve done the others’ someone would probably take me to court or make a complaint to Consumer Affairs.

The Supercars is a fantastically organised and run event, but the experience of the pit pass fiasco has left a very sour taste and I doubt I’ll be back.

Geoff McLean, Launceston.


SO TONY Abbott isn’t going to challenge for the position of leader of the Liberals probably because he wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning an election.

But he doesn’t intend to destabilise the government.

Excuse me while I double up with mirth.

If he and the other far right conservatives haven’t been doing that since the day he was deposed what have they been doing?  

Our own Senator Eric Abetz isn’t far behind Tony in the destabilising stakes.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.


THE results from one week to the next, also from one year to the next are not easily predictable.

Media comment, they have come to play, unusual term, but reinforces that motivation comes and goes, you can’t rely on it.

Start motivated then let discipline takeover. Discipline stays forever.

Hugh Boyd, Prospect.

Road warning

I RECENTLY picked up my brand new motorbike and was riding it home along the Bass Highway with the intention to turn off at Prospect.

I entered the turn off (Westbury Road) at a reasonably slow speed and the bike slid out from under me and I ended up breaking a leg and badly damaging the bike.

The lovely folk at Richardson’s Harley-Davidson came to my rescue (thank you) and took care of the bike.

Someone at the scene told me that I was the third person to come off at that corner that month (March) and I have since learned of another incident at that spot.

I have written to the RACT to investigate that corner and lobby for action. To enforce the danger of that corner I am asking for any motorcyclist who has come off at that spot to lobby the RACT or their local member for action. Maybe with enough submissions something will be done.

Keith Broomfield, Exeter.

Monash Group

TYPICAL hubris of the Liberals A team, Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews and Eric Abetz to appropriate the name of Sir John Monash for their own coal ideological mania.

They did not seek out descendants of Sir John who have made it quite clear they are very unhappy with the use of their family name and want nothing to do with Abbott’s coal team. The arrogance is just so typical.

Peter Taylor, Midway Point.


WHEN wandering around hardware stores and see chipboard from China, I think how nice, our trees have come home.

Ron Baines, Kings Meadows.

Small complaint

JUST a small niggle, when you get the NBN, why can’t the technician that fits the box that has to be located inside fit the clips or leads that attach to your equipment even if they charge a fee for it.   

It could be just me, but I found it confusing following what was written in the pamphlet and had to ask several people just to get everything working.

Anthony Galvin, Mayfield.

Tamar Lake

IN REGARDS to Tamar Lake by Dick James (The Examiner, April 8) could you please explain how a barrage would stop silt and pollution from entering the Tamar?

And how stopping the tidal flow from flushing the Tamar improves the water quality?

Horst Schroeder, East Devonport.

Science and Christianity

IT NEVER seems to amaze me that Christ was on this earth some 2000 years ago and some don’t believe in Him, but what took place a billion years ago they accept as gospel?

Julian Oosterloo, Riverside.


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