Introducing ‘My Island Home’ and ‘Regulars’

The Sunday Examiner is introducing two new features to the magazine.

My Island Home and Regulars will replace Tassie Tales and Meet the Maker, starting this Sunday.

My Island Home will profile a different person each week - tree changer, sea changers, people who moved to Tasmania years ago, people who grew up here, left the state and came back, and people who chose to stay here.

We'll be finding out what drew people to the state, why they chose to live where they do, and what they've discovered since moving here.

Regulars will profile a different person each week, talking about why they frequent a certain place. We'll be catching up with people who are regulars at pubs, cafes, newsagencies, and even dog parks. 

We'd love to hear from people who might have a relevant story for either feature. You can nominate a “regular” here

If you'd like to share your "island home" story, fill out the questionnaire below.

In the ‘Title’ section of the form, please write ‘My Island Home’ and use the ‘Story’ section to answer the following questions; 

  • Where do you live?
  • When did you move to Tasmania?
  • Why did you choose to come here?
  • What drew you to the area/community you ended up living in?
  • Did you buy or are you renting?
  • What does your home look like - acreage/farm/community/architecture?
  • Do you have a family with you? If so, have they adapted well to school/community/work?
  • Since moving here, how have you found the community/lifestyle?
  • Is it what you were looking for? Why/why not?
  • What does a day in your life look like?
  • How do you find the climate and how does it compare to where you came from?
  • What’s your favourite place in Tasmania that you’ve discovered so far? Why?
  • What has surprised you the most since moving to Tasmania?
  • Do you think you’ll stay in Tasmania? Why/why not?
  • Anything else you’d like to add?