George Town business training to help develop ideas

NEIS: The course will be offered at George Town for the first time. Picture: Neil Richardson
NEIS: The course will be offered at George Town for the first time. Picture: Neil Richardson

A new program to help budding entrepreneurs develop their business ideas will soon launch at George Town. 

Employment training company Mission Providence will run the course under the banner of the federal government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme.

The free six-week program aims to provide participants with skills and support training, both online and face-to-face. 

Mission Providence consultant Justin Merriel will run the George Town session.

Mr Merriel has also conducted the course in Burnie and Launceston and believes it has been a great success. 

Figures from the NEIS show that 65 per cent of nationwide participants operate their own businesses 15 months after undertaking the training.

Mr Merriel went through the NEIS program himself, before starting a building and design company.

“The success comes down to the NEIS consultants’ experience,” he said. 

“Everyone has been at one time a small business owner and we can share our experiences and show [participants] what we’ve done. 

“We use real world examples and encourage everyone that it’s better to make a mistake in a closed environment, than in the real world.”

One of the biggest challenges while running the sessions is catering for people at different stages of business ownership, according to Mr Merriel. 

While some people are advanced in the process, others come armed only with a vague idea of what they would like their new company to look like.

“It’s difficult to be able to train the course, because some people do quite well on the computer and fly through the business plan and financial [statements],” he said.

“Others struggle a lot more.

“We have high rates of dyslexia in Tasmania, which presents a big challenge to have people who are struggling with words or numbers when trying to start their own business.”

The course starts on April 10, with an information session at the George Town LINC at 10am on March 29.

To find out more about the course, contact Mr Merriel on 0476 809 148.

To register, go to