Tasmanians to March for Science in Launceston and Hobart

Tasmania will host two March for Science rallies on April 14 after additional volunteers signed up to help out.

Less than two weeks ago, it appeared Tasmania could be the only state without a march.

March for Science Tasmanian organiser Jin-oh Choi said half a dozen people volunteered in Launceston.

“It looks more promising,” Mr Choi said.

“If they never make that stand, nothing will change.”

It was a way to show they were not content to be bystanders, he said.

Mr Choi hoped more people would consider joining the march or volunteering.

The more support science received, the more likely it would become an agenda item for the state government, he said.

University students, scientists and other members of the community would walk together to show their support for science in Launceston and Hobart, he said.

To get volunteer, contact Jin-oh Choi on 0408 271 800 or launceston@marchforscienceaustralia.org