Stoney Rise Wine Company to vastly upgrade its cellar door

CELLAR DOOR: The new cellar door will be 100 square metres. Picture: Paul Scambler
CELLAR DOOR: The new cellar door will be 100 square metres. Picture: Paul Scambler

Gravelly Beach vineyard Stoney Rise Cellars will expand its cellar door, pending council approval. 

The West Tamar Council will review the vineyard’s proposal to construct a new building to house its cellar door, replacing the current setup. 

Owned by Joe and Lou Holyman, the winery’s current cellar door is located in a single room of the family’s house. 

The Holyman’s new building would boast an indoor area of about 100 square metres and would include a tasting and sales area, kitchen, storage and toilets. 

The application also included provision for a new 20-space car park. 

“The design is modern and angular and finished in a variety of materials – natural timber, concrete, clay bricks and [dark grey] painted sheeting,” the council’s statutory planner James Ireland said.

However, not everyone is happy with the design. 

Gravelly Beach resident Andrew Pitt lodged a series of complaints to the council during the public comment period for the development application. 

“The building design is not aesthetically pleasing to the rural landscape where it is proposed,” Mr Pitt said.

“It is too abstract in design….and the covered vines and three large water tanks sitting on the side of the hill already are an eyesore to the landscape.

“The storm water from this building as well as run off from the 20 [space car park], plus over flow parking, will create even more issues.”

Mr Ireland said the issues raised by the representor against the development should not make the application invalid.

He noted that none of the points raised by Mr Pitt were in contravention of the council’s planning scheme.

“Appreciation of building design is subjective and not a planning consideration,” he said.

“Vines with netting and water tanks are typical of an agricultural use and resource development [does not require a permit] in the rural resource zone. 

“Departments have advised that the additional run-off [waste] proposal will be able to be adequately managed on the site.”

The Holymans were contacted on multiple occasions for comment.