Hand-painted poles depict Lilydale’s past, present, and future

Five months ago, the Lilydale community undertook a project to transform their village green.

Now, eight tall concrete poles have been installed, each hand-painted to show tourists and residents alike the rich history of the region.

Lilydale Arts project manager Bernadine Alting said the project aimed to clear the village green of a “massive dense green hedge” which made the area “dark and uninviting”.

“The hedge that was here had to be all ripped up,” Ms Alting said.

It was decided painted poles would be put in its place, similar to the project that had been undertaken 20 year prior on 15 hydro-electricity poles, she said.

However, concrete stormwater pipes were used instead of wood to ensure they would last for many years to come.

The painting was completed by artists such as Leanne Hodgetts and Ben Miller, community members, and 25 students from Lilydale District School.

Each pole was painted with a different theme, including the environment, history, renowned community members, local businesses and services, events, and the arts.

“It’s really about the past and present,” Ms Alting said. “It celebrates our local community.”

The budget for the project was about $14,500, including a $5000 grant from the City of Launceston and a $2000 donation from the Lilydale District Progress Association.

Ms Alting said the poles had already been “tremendous” for tourism in Lilydale, with many stopping “wondering what it’s all about”.

The official opening will take place on March 25 at 1pm.