Application submitted by Northern Midlands Council for Ross Bridge to become National Heritage

An application to place the Ross Bridge on the National Heritage List has been submitted by the Northern Midlands Council.

The council submitted the application with the help of local historian Dr Nic Haygarth.

In the submission Dr Haygarth said the bridge deserved to be heritage listed because it is a “unique expression of the convict experience” and a great piece of art.

The bridge, built in 1836 by convict labour, is famous for the 186 carvings along its arches.  

Former chairwoman of the Ross District Committee Christine Robinson said the committee had pushed the council to apply for the listing for several years. 

“It’s unique for Australia and I’d go so far to say it’s unique in the world,” she said. 

“We really want to get it listed because it will open [Ross] up as a bigger tourist attraction and preserve it for as long possible.” 

Northern Midlands mayor David Downie said the bridge was an icon.

Tasmania currently has 11 national heritage sites, including Woolmers Estate and Brickendon.