Projects and funding promises for the state's North-East

With the Liberals remaining in government following the state election, communities in Tasmania’s North-East were promised an upgraded Tasman Highway and roads alongside many projects to improve infrastructure and facilities on Flinders Island.

Highway and roads

New stopping bays and passing lanes will be built on the Tasman Highway over the Sideling to Scottsdale, and then through to the East Coast, with $12 million in funding.

An overtaking lane will also be built on the Tasman Highway for north-bound traffic near Myrtle Park with $2.5 million funding.

Over five years, $4 million funding will go to a Dorset Roads Package, and $3 million toward a Tomahawk to Gladstone Safety Plan.

Prossers Road will be allocated $2 million funding over five years.

Boating and fishing

A Bridport Foreshore Master Plan will see $250,000 invested toward projects, which could include a new pier including pontoon access, boat ramps, associated parking and launching facilities, and improved access to the working port.

Flinders Island Package

Funding toward the Safe Harbour project will help improve marine infrastructure with a $900,000 investment.

Flinders Island District school will be extended to grade 12, and will receive a $50,000 investment to the playground and recreational facilities.

Furneaux Museum will receive a $250,000 investment to upgrade facilities, alongside $10,000 toward the Furneaux Islands Geo Trail.

A $100,000 investment will be made into the Flinders Island Sports and RSL Club.

The telecommunications network will receive $10.6 million funding.

Better accomodation for health professionals on the island will be provided with a $500,000 investment.

Community Transport Services Tasmania will be provided $60,000 to support a new transport service on the island.

Law and order

Scottsdale Police Station will receive two extra police officers.