Japanese macaques monkey around in Launceston's City Park

Some cute new faces have been spotted in the monkey enclosure at City Park.

City of Launceston general manager Michael Stretton said three baby monkeys were born this season.

“They were born in December so they're about three months old now,” Mr Stretton said.

"They're starting to get very active at that age, and enjoy running around the enclosure, although the mothers are still keeping a very close eye on them.

"Each day the monkeys enjoy a diverse menu. They eat barbecue chicken, fruit and vegetables, scrambled eggs, honey sandwiches, and a special kind of cake we call 'primate cake'. It consists of rolled oats, molasses, vitamins and minerals.

"We also hide treats around the enclosure for the monkeys to find, including honey in the logs, dog biscuits, and bird seed in the bark and mulch.

"We also put popcorn in plastic bottles which they run around with and shake to get the popcorn out, and birdseed in containers which can be rolled back and forth to extract the seed."