March 8, 2018: Your say on bringing back the church organ, petrol prices, office costs

Jim Dickenson, of Launceston, laments the days of concerts played on St Johns Church's pipe organ
Jim Dickenson, of Launceston, laments the days of concerts played on St Johns Church's pipe organ

Church Pipe Organ

THERE IS a glorious pipe organ in St Johns Church.  

It is a magnificent instrument that is rarely played now.   

But quite regularly, many years back, some of the world’s best musicians made a point of visiting Launceston just to play it.  Quite simply, it’s that good.    

Sadly, the last of these recitals by visiting international artists was well over 20 years ago. In those days the church even had several well-respected, professional resident organists who, from time to time between visiting celebrities, also loved to perform. There were always eagerly anticipated musical events.  

More recently concerts have been given by a young Australian virtuoso, with international recognition  – but even these are now discontinued, even though he is still touring.

So what’s gone wrong?  At the moment the organ is just sitting in the church collecting dust.  Probably deteriorating for lack of use.

The days of overseas artists coming to Launceston might, pessimistically, might be a thing of the past. We just have memories to cherish.  

But there are many brilliant Australian organists playing at the moment who I’m sure would love an invitation to visit our city and present a recital on that grand instrument in St Johns Church.   

Let’s get some concerts organised, it can’t be that hard.

Jim Dickenson, Launceston.

Solar power rebates

IF YOU own your own home and can afford it, you would buy a solar power kit for your residence because it’s logical seeing past power price rises, and predicted future rises.

The only complication for the average home owner is the price Aurora pays for you supplying this to the system.    

Aurora or the Hydo Electric Commission is committed to the mainland power grid, thus locked into the price that is being paid on the mainland. While the HEC is getting a reasonable price for its electricity the price that they pay us for supplying it to the grid is way too low. For comparison, just check the price being paid compared to the price for supply.

Anthony Galvin, Mayfield.

Asylum Seekers

IT AMAZES me how illegal boat arrivals, to Australia and Europe, can suddenly find the energy by demonstrating and demanding their rights to be granted asylum once they have arrived.

Why wasn’t this energy used in their own countries by demonstrating and rallying against their own governments by demanding they take care of their own people?

Surely the top priority of any government is to ensure its own people’s needs are met first. No matter how corrupt a government may be, the population of any country, especially those classed as third world nations, will always out number those that govern in it.

History shows that many countries’ governments have been over-thrown, simply by the will and hard work of its citizens.

By fleeing their country and landing on another’s door-step is cowardly and does nothing to improve the living standards of those left behind.

Carmen Frelek, Launceston.

Steve Martin’s Office

SO STEVE Martin is still spending money. 

He has now decided to have his office in Devonport instead of Burnie. It cost approximately $300,000 to outfit his office in Burnie and presumably the lease still has a number of years to run. Now Senator Martin will spend another $300,000 to outfit a Devonport office for what will be at the most an 18-month period. 

Steve, stop wasting tax payers money in the same way as council money has been wasted. You should have thought about this before accepting the job.

Eric Mobbs, Miandetta.

Gun Laws

AT THIS time we Australians are feeling quite smug and self satisfied because we haven’t had any massacres like the United States.

We suggest the reason for this is our strict gun laws, which disarmed our population.

Why then does Christopher Pyne want us to produce and sell our weaponry to the world?

Weapons salespeople will sell to anyone with money.

What Mr Pyne is doing is tantamount to exporting death and misery to the many, so the few can become rich.

Ron Baines, Kings Meadows.

Barnaby Joyce

THE LOVELY talented Jo Palmer (The Examiner, February 25) has put things in perspective regarding Barnaby Joyce.

Don’t ever imagine that you have the right to cast aspersion on anyone.

Even if you think you have all the facts, it is not your place to judge.

Elsa de Ruyter, St Helens.

Petrol Prices

TESS BRUNTON (The Examiner, February 24) gives us 2017 monthly average prices (cents per litre) for Launceston, Hobart, Campbell Town and Devonport.

As always Devonport has the cheapest fuel. It’s all the same price when it comes off the boat, which would point to transport costs being the cause of variation in prices.

So much so, it’d nearly pay motorists to travel from Launceston to Devonport to fill up.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.


I whole heartily agree with Judith Rapley (Letters, The Examiner, February 26) regarding mind numbing repeated TV shows. 

The only thing she didn't mention was the endless array of advertisements.  

Now we all know the TV stations have to make a profit or perish, however if no-one watches then they are doomed anyway. 

I think we all have to find another form of entertainment before we all are turned into zombies.

Ian Bartlett, Devon Hills.