Focus from campaigning to accountability

The march to polls is over.

Since January 28 Tasmanians have been hearing about the strengths and weaknesses of parties and politicians.

We’ve been told not to trust the promises and pledges made, to look to the future, to put people first and for Tasmania to go to the next level.

Despite some seats still to be confirmed, for the next four years Tasmania will be led by a majority Liberal government.

Some moments over the past four years of a Liberal government have shown hints of opposition behaviour. After 16 years prior to 2014 in opposition, this is to be expected at times.

For the next four years we want to see the stability and strength of Tasmania continue as it has the past few years. We don’t want excuses or the ‘blame game’. 

Tasmanians have chosen the Liberals to lead. So this is what we expect.

The vision, policies and pledges must be actioned.  

For our region we want to see the immediate redress of the Tamar River. There is bipartisan support at all levels of government for the Tamar Estuary Management Taskforce’s recommendations to clean up the river.

We want the funds and resources committed to improving mental health in our region released and implemented. 

Now we are are out of caretaker mode, there should be a conversation and clear decision around Calvary’s proposed co-located private hospital at the Launceston General Hospital.

A site for the Northern prison must be known and construction started so the community can reap the benefits of the associated jobs.

The Liberals also promised an additional 125 police officers. We will be holding the government accountable for ensuring we have our fair share enter the force in the Northern District. 

Work on the bridge from Riverside to Newnham should be started immediately to meet the goal of having it built within 10 years.

Our high schools will also continue to roll out to grade 11 and 12 and investment in teachers and literacy and numeracy specialists will be welcomed sooner rather than later.

Things to watch will be the policies and debate surrounding firearms and the push for the TasWater takeover.


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