Letters to the editor | March 3, 2018

HOPE: Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with North Korea's nominal head of state Kim Yong Nam and US Vice President Mike Pence. Picture: AP
HOPE: Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with North Korea's nominal head of state Kim Yong Nam and US Vice President Mike Pence. Picture: AP

Sporting diplomacy

I AM not a great fan of sport, but the Winter Olympics seem to be achieving much more than the United Nations, China, Donald Trump and the United States and diplomacy combined, in reconciliation of North and South Korea and world peace.

The fact that Kim Jong Un’s sister attended the Games is of great significance.

I wish the  US Vice President had appeared more friendly to her.

The fact that the President of South Korea has been invited to visit North Korea is of huge importance.

Why is everyone so sceptical of this little ray of hope in a rather dark situation?

I feel North Korea may have achieved all it wanted to achieve in its nuclear arsenal for the moment.

Forget about trying to get North Korea to disarm, it is just not going to happen.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.

Television repeats

I TOTALLY agree with Len Langan (The Examiner, February 3) with his letter regarding television, which has gone to the dogs.

Free to air means we have to sit and watch, if we choose, repeat after repeat movies, British comedy, British and American drama, RBT (how many times?) and old mystery programs.

Not only that, we have to put up with a constant flow of insurance ads in the afternoon that if you pause and read the small print you have so many conditions to abide by if you join. The best part about the ads is that if I ever applied to join I would not want the gift $100 cash card, but would ask for the phone that is used in the ad.

I have always wanted a phone like that as when you pull it out of your pocket it is automatically on the internet and when you dial up you are talking to the person on the other end just as you finish dialing, a very quick super phone.

Now that the, football season is upon us we now can get ready for the multitude of ads that we have to put up wiith during every game, like other years. With so many ads shown at least I have time to put the jug on, make a sandwich and a cup of coffee and go to the toilet before the ads finish.

Television channels must consider the viewing public and get out and buy newer programs with the revenue that is made from all the ads and stop believing that not all the public watching have got dementia, and can't remember what was on the previous day.

Television going back years ago was good viewing with only four channels, but nowdays we have free to air viewing, as no one in their right mind would pay for the rubbish that is shown anyhow. Give us decent viewing please so we don't have to keep pushing the off button.

Don Lumley, Newnham.


EVERY March for 70 years, thousands of volunteers have made a wonderful contribution to our community during Red Cross Calling. They’ve knocked on their neighbour’s doors, said g’day and their combined efforts have raised millions.

All of that effort has gone a long way, allowing Red Cross to help where we’re needed most; from fires to floods, reducing suffering, while keeping people safe, secure and connected.

So many extraordinary volunteers here in Tasmania have also gone the extra mile – not just raising money but also reaching out to their neighbours, asking how they’re going and checking on their wellbeing.

I’d like to send a massive thanks to all those hundreds of schools, businesses, community organisations and individuals who’ve answered the call over the years.  

These volunteers make Australia a special place to live. This year we aim to double the number of volunteers in Tasmania. 

Will you be one of them? Join the fun today: redcrosscalling.org.au or call 1800 RED CROSS.

Mali Hawkins, acting director, Tasmania, Australian Red Cross.


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