March 2, 2018: Your final say before Tasmania hits the polls

Premier Will Hodgman and Labor Leader Rebecca White face off ahead of Saturday's state election.
Premier Will Hodgman and Labor Leader Rebecca White face off ahead of Saturday's state election.


I HAVE never seen so many negative adverts from a political party as the ones on at the moment. All they seem to do is denigrate the opposition, although they themselves have had four years to do what they are now promising they will do. 

There is, however, one member of the same party whose adverts they could emulate.

Adam Brooks, love him or hate him, has the best adverts around. They leave you with a smile on your face. 

It makes one want to vote for him so that his family and friends wouldn't get their ears bashed because he was home all the time.

It's amazing that after giving nurses and teachers the boot the Liberals are now braying that they are increasing those numbers. 

As far as I can tell that will only bring the numbers back to what they were before the razor gang did their stuff.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.


ONCE again it is election time, promises will be made, some kept, many not.

The main topic again is hospitals, schools and creating jobs.

Looking back over the past four years the Liberals under the leadership of Premier Will Hodgman have served us well considering what they inherited from the Labor/Green accord, which after many years were out voted.

I have found Mr Hodgman whenever he is confronted by the media to be gentleman-like, well spoken and sincere in what he and his party try to do for us Tasmanians.

There is a limit to what can be achieved in one term and I believe that they the Liberal party deserve another term.

Armin Rehrmann, Legana.


AFTER several postponements, my friend finally had her surgery, but it’s a shame that she had to endure so much pain for so long beforehand, especially as it’s all about money.

Health, education and the police force deserve the largest slices of the fiscal pie; they affect everyone at some stage. 

The plethora of politicians’ perks and pensions are far less important and should be reduced. Sadly, it’s the one topic on which most of them would agree.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the party in opposition were to abandon its raison d’être, and endeavoured to work with the government, instead of challenging and arguing at every possible opportunity? 

How beneficial a Labor-Liberal-Greens accord could be, I won’t live to see it though.

Val Clarke, Kings Meadows.


MARIE Richardson’s opinion piece (The Examiner, February 22), regarding politician’s pensions is totally incorrect and grossly misleading.

The facts are that all Tasmanian members of Parliament, elected since 1999, are recipients of the standard 9.5 per cent super guarantee levee, the same as most other Australian workers.

The old “defined benefit” super scheme was closed off in 1999, and now only applies to two current Tasmanian MPs, and many thousands of public sector workers who were employed before that cut-off date.

It is most disappointing that the writer failed to confirm these claims before making totally unsubstantiated public statements.

Greg Hall, MLC, Legislative Council, deputy president, chair of committees, Member for McIntyre.


POLITICIANS are misleading in referring to the elective surgery waiting lists as a reflection of the state of the public health system. It is about time they give a true accounting of the public health system by referring to specialist clinics waiting lists and elective surgery waiting lists.

Les Nibbs, Mowbray.


AS A VISITOR to Tasmania, the campaign being waged by Federal Group, their associates and supporters has been quite noticeable and, at times, very helpful. 

Their tactic of displaying banners pushing their line of thinking (pro pokies) on buildings, especially hotels, has made it a lot easier to decide which establishments not to visit.

Col Shephard, NSW.

The Farrell Family

ON SEVERAL occasions during the great pokies debates I have heard people saying “The Farrell family have the monopoly and they take all the money out of the state to NSW”.

I am reminding people constantly, what about the nearly 3000 people employed in Tasmania who get their wages paid by this company, what about the huge investments in property that bring tourists from all over the world to our beautiful state? 

There are developments like Saffire Resort at Freycinet, the amazing MAQ1 on Hobart’s wharf area, plus future developments, like at our beautiful and historic Port Arthur.

The family are currently renovating their hotels, using Tasmanian people, companies, and products where possible.

I have found the family to be very approachable and easy to talk to.  They are genuinely interested in what we have to say and our general needs.

I am very proud to work for this company and when asked I will tell you: “I am Tasmanian born and bred and I work for a Tasmanian family that supports all Tasmanians.”

Jeanette Gleeson, manager, Newstead Hotel.


ONCE upon a time, many years ago, our politicians were respected and admired. Today, they are seen as either, self-seeking, out of touch or as a laughing stock.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.


THE GAMBLING lobby wants free choice but what free choice is there for the families of gamblers?  

Horst Schroeder, East Devonport.