Loudest voice is still to be heard – yours

Tomorrow Tasmanians will march to the polls and cast their vote to decide who will be leading our state for the next four years.

The election campaign has been a hard slog for all involved. Whether it be the politicians on the road selling their policies and messages, the teams supporting them or the journalists filing the stories.

On March 3 the only voice that matters is the vote that is cast.

As a masthead we are not willing to tell you how to vote. Our job, as the Fourth Estate, is to keep all levels of government accountable.

Since January 28, when the election was called, we have endeavoured to get to the heart of issues and policies. We’ve applied analysis and many voices to the key election platforms. This coverage has included our head to head series with parties spokespeople on the key portfolios, our weekly expert panel examined the political news of the week and taking policies to those they will affect.

The Examiner also published numerous letters about the election from our readers.

For many the election became tiresome even before it was called. For others they still remain undecided about who to give their votes to.

After The Examiner’s Premier Debate many in the audience commented that both Will Hodgman and Rebecca White would be a good choice as the leader of Tasmania.

One party isn’t likely to solve all an individual’s problems or address their wish list. A vote should be given to the individuals, and therefore party, who will represent our electorates – Lyons and Bass.

For those who have grown tiresome from the campaigning, the bonus on election day is the strict rules surrounding the election on March 3.

The Electoral Act means there is to be no how to vote cards, pamphlets or posters handed out on the day.

The media is also restricted from printing any comment relating to a candidate or a question arising from or an issue of the election campaign. This is to ensure voters are not influenced on the day they go to the polls. Any announcements made today can be found online at examiner.com.au

Our efforts will switch to the results on March 3 with our extensive coverage of the polling numbers.

Remember, as the Tasmanian Electoral Commission says, your vote is bigger than you think.


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