March 1, 2018: Your say on the looming state election

As March 3 draws closer, letter writers are fiercly expressing their thoughts on the election campaign.
As March 3 draws closer, letter writers are fiercly expressing their thoughts on the election campaign.

Up to here with political junk mail

THE political advertising and letterbox drops we see each election serve as a deterrent to vote for the party, not an encouragement.

Seeing our letterbox filled with junk mail – despite there being a notice saying ‘no junk mail’ – means none of the election hopefuls can even follow basic instructions. 

How can we trust them to run Tasmania?

Loyalists to the Liberals or the Greens can say it's not junk mail or there's a loophole that means it doesn't count but that's what it is. 

I'm sure the Labor voter treats mail from the other parties as junk.

And the claims some of these parties make. 

Do they not realise we as a state are aware of how they operate? 

We watch the news, read The Examiner, we do not need the slander and lies we are told during the election. 

We know enough to make informed decisions without the falsehoods we are being fed.

Davis Seecamp, Trevallyn.

Labor Lose the Way

LABOR has always said it is the party for the workers.

However, instead I see Labor is out there crowing about the number of jobs that would go under its gaming policy. 

Can you imagine if Comalco, Incat or Cadbury was to say they were closing their doors or shedding that many jobs?

Labor would be running around saying the sky was falling, and something had to be done about the loss of jobs.  

But somehow it’s OK to destroy the same number of jobs in the gaming industry. 

It’s pretty obvious. 

The pokie issue shows that Labor will do just about anything to get into power.

Mike Davey, Sandy Bay.

Political Banners

IT’S EASY to ignore most political graffiti, but those offensive banners on hotels are taking things too far.       

One thing about them though is that I’m now better informed about which establishments to avoid when visitors come to town.

Gail Allison, East Devonport.

Sport and Politics 

IT WAS disappointing to see the Greens pushing politics at the Penny Farthing championships at Evandale on Saturday. 

The event was a day for family, fun and competition, not political party agendas. 

My vote shall go elsewhere.

John Zasadny, East Launceston.

Nanny State

HAS IT occurred to these left wing and other eccentric political dreamers, that the removal of the pokies from our public houses and clubs will not solve the gambling problem?

Instead it will drive it underground or into other outlets such as online gambling.

If a political act can be found to increase unemployment it is no surprise to find that it is supported by the Greens but this absurd proposal ought to be beyond Labor.

Driving gambling under the counter is very dangerous. 

Remember prohibition?

Equally in the United States we have the proposal to arm teachers as a deterrent to random shooters in their schools.    

Has it occurred to them that if the gunman knows that teachers are armed he will simply shoot them first?

Len Langan, Longford.

Job cuts by the numbers

FIVE thousand and one hundred jobs lost in Tasmania directly or indirectly due to removal of pokies from pubs and clubs? 

That means an average of 52 jobs lost for every one of the 97 pubs and clubs.

Pull the other one.

Bruce Lindsay, Longford.

Electric Transportation 

WOULDN’T IT it be nice if one of the political parties came up with a plan to put Tasmania ahead of any state or territory, to become energy self sufficient and to have all vehicles electric?

The electric car revolution is gathering huge momentum. Let's get onto the bandwagon and be Australia's first state to lead the way. 

We are in such a unique position being an island. Maybe get an Elon Musk type to help along the way. 

Michael Finck, Bangor.

Unemployment Rate

DURING his first interview following his elevation to Nationals Party leader, Michael McCormack boasted that the coalition.

Other members have also stated that jobs are being created at the rate of 1100 a day, or close to 400,000 a year.

Why then does the unemployment remain at 5 per cent-plus?

How permanent are these jobs and how many jobs are being lost on a daily basis?

A. Carter, Mowbray.

Election time

POLITICIANS really make me laugh.

In an election time they promise us more health (more nurses, more beds, more doctors), more road infrastructure and lots of good things, to make us vote for their party.

I think going back four years, these politicians promise all those things then.

So why haven’t all these promises been addressed in that four years?

It’s no wonder people don’t trust our pollies, get your promises done in those four years.

Steve Clark, George Town.

Political correctness

WITH all this effort about political correctness there is one group of people that are ironically politically incorrect - politicians.

They talk like children constantly, insulting each other just because they have slightly different political views.

The term political correctness really makes no sense when they both constantly are telling the general public of Australia their opposition is rubbish. 

Collin G. Wood, Newstead.