Zoodoo welcomes Tasmania's first zebra foal

The state’s first zebra foal was born in the state’s south on Monday. 

Zoodoo welcomed baby Jupiter in the early hours of the morning, with mum and foal doing “really well” the zoo’s general manager Donna Cuttriss-Smith said. 

“The foal was up and walking [on Monday] morning, and in the afternoon it was running up and down the fence line with the other zebras,” she said. 

Jupiter and its mum have been moved into a separate paddock to allow the pair to bond. 

“That’s similar to what would happen in the wild, they would withdraw from the herd to allow them to bond without interference,” she said. 

The pair will learn each other’s noises and other characteristics, which would help them survive if they were in the wild. 

The herd will be back together in about two weeks. 

The zoo has the only zebras in the state.